Southminster School curriculum varies based on the developmental needs of the children within the classroom. Because our preschoolers stay with the same teacher from August-May, the teacher is constantly assessing and modifying their instruction to meet the needs of the children as they progress. Curriculum is developed to meet the needs of the child's mind, spirit and body and includes social/emotional skills such as taking turns and sharing, as well as age-appropriate skills such as colors, letter, shape recognition to  letter and sound identification, and fine and gross-motor skills preparing them for the writing process.

  • Chapel

    Most private school students (78 percent) attend religiously-affiliated schools; at Southminster School, Chapel and Christian Education are an integral part of the Christ-based learning experience. Children of all faiths are warmly welcomed at Southminster School and all participate in chapel services. The services and class lessons teach the children how to apply and incorporate scripture in daily living. The students begin and end the week with a chapel service. Each service is an opportunity for the students to worship and pray together, listen to Bible stories in an interactive way, enjoy Christian music, and learn about the life and works of Jesus Christ. Children have the opportunity to serve as a Chapel Helpers which helps them develop strength of character.

  • Music and Movement

    Music is so important in the life of a young child that our students attend this class every day they attend school. They are exposed to many songs, including old favorites and newer thematic songs. They learn the words and movements associated with each song, helping to develop pathways within their brains related to memorization. They also refine their motor skills, as they adjust their gestures to reflect the song they are singing.