Why Choose Private School For Your Child?

As a parent, you want to be able to choose your child’s future school with confidence. Attending the right school can provide the best possible opportunity for your child to succeed, both educationally and professionally. 25% of all US schools are private schools, and 78% of those are religiously affiliated. However, with all the educational options available, it can be difficult to select the right environment.

At Southminster School, we want to provide all the right resources to help parents make the best decision for their children’s education. There are a variety of benefits of private school over public school that could make Southminster the right choice for your child.

Smaller Class Sizes

When your child signs up for public school, you’re taking a gamble on just how large your student’s class sizes will end up being. Some public schools, particularly in less densely-populated areas, might have fewer students or smaller class sizes. However, that’s only if you get lucky. Some public school classes can have 22 or more students all being guided by one teacher. This might be good for meeting new peers, but it can keep your child from getting the individual attention they need to succeed. 

On the other hand, private schools tend to offer smaller class sizes and more direct attention from the teacher. Most private schools are small: 87 percent have fewer than 300 students  This more individualized approach to education is shown to have significant benefits, allowing issues in development to be identified earlier and giving children the direct attention they need when struggling with lessons. Southminster School is proud to provide a teacher to student ratio of 1:12 to best encourage student success and set them up for stronger results later in their educational journey.

Choice Of Education Styles

Public schools provide education on a variety of subjects, but as a parent, you may not know exactly what your child is going to be learning day-to-day. Public schools give you limited control and choice over the content of lessons. However, most parents want to know exactly what their child is learning about in their daily lessons. You want to be confident that your child is learning the most important values and and acquiring the right knowledge while they’re away from your care.

By selecting a private school, you’re able to know exactly what your child is learning. The school you pick allows you to know not only the content of lessons, but also the teaching methods used. Not all private schools use the same educational models, and one of the benefits of private school over public school is that you can choose an educational model that best aligns with your goals for your child.

Direct Involvement

While many public schools heavily encourage parent and family involvement, not all public schools develop the same degree of community that many private schools have. In private schools, you’re more likely to connect with other families and grow as a community, in no small part due to the closeness and size of the school itself. At Southminster School, we’re proud to support a strong community of families working together to promote the best possible education for young minds and we encourage direct involvement from all parents.

Future Success

When it comes to testing the quality of education, it’s nearly impossible to put a measurement or value to the direct assistance the best teachers provide to their students. However, one of the benefits of private school over public school is based on one easily measurable score in particular - standardized testing. Public schools generally end up scoring lower across the board on standardized testing than private schools and yet they are often focused on “teaching to the test”.

While these numbers might not necessarily be the best measure to assess what happens in a classroom, they’re still massively important for helping your child equip themselves for the future. Plenty of institutions look to standardized test scores as an assessment tool, including colleges, universities, and even some employers. Private schools can better help prepare your child to succeed in these exams and set them up on the right track for a bright academic future.

At Southminster, we believe that a well-rounded education focused on the core elements of understanding will prepare your child for much more than just the standardized test. It will prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

Is Your Child Ready For Private School?

When it’s time to enroll your child for school, remember that you’ve got far more options available to you than just what the public schools in your area have to offer. At Southminster School, we pride ourselves on supporting a healthy, encouraging, Christian environment for your child’s educational success. With the many benefits of private school over public school, we look forward to providing you and your family with an education you can rely on to equip your child with the knowledge and skills they need.

For more information on enrollment or how whether Southminster School is right for your child, contact us at (281) 261-8872 or fill out our online contact form. We’d be happy to schedule a tour of our school with you and your family and look forward to helping you make the decision that’s right for your child’s education.