Emergency Preparedness

Statement of Purpose

This emergency preparedness plan was developed to manage and provide safety and security for the children, staff, volunteers, and visitors on campus in the event of an emergency situation. Being prepared and knowing how to respond enables the school to handle emergency situations. Emergencies can and will happen, however, being prepared can lead to a less serious outcome. Parents are encouraged to review the entire plan by logging into ParentsWeb.

Emergency Management Team

The purpose of the emergency management team is to conduct safety audits and determines what constitutes an emergency situation. Southminster School defines an emergency as any event that disrupts normal school activities. Potential situations include: bomb threat, intruder on campus, missing child, chemical cloud, fire, and natural disaster.

Scope of Responsibility

Emergency Planning Team will work to develop and maintain emergency plan, meeting to review and modify plan when necessary, provide in-service on emergency plan, and communicate with staff during emergency. Develop a phone tree system to notify parents/guardians of potential disaster. All Southminster employees are required to attend an in-service in August to familiarize them with the school’s emergency preparedness plan.

Child Abuse and Maltreatment Policy

Southminster School has developed policies and procedures regarding child abuse and neglect to advocate for and protect our children from any suspected child abuse or neglect. Protection of the child is our ultimate goal and as professional caregivers we must never lose sight of that fact. All staff members receive 1 hour of required training on preventing and responding to child abuse and neglect at the beginning of each school year. Parents are encouraged to review our Child Abuse & Neglect policies by logging into ParentsWeb.