Health Guidelines

No rules are more important or taken more seriously than those having to do with a students health and well-being. To ensure the safety and well-being of your child, Southminster School employs a full time registered nurse with a valid Texas Licensure. Due to liability issues, the school cannot diagnose for parents. If you are concerned about medical issues, please seek your doctor's advice. The nurse is available during school hours to handle injuries and illnesses that occur during that time.

Southminster Immunization Policy

Every student enrolled in Southminster School shall be immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases caused by infectious agents in accordance with the immunization schedule adopted by the Texas  Health and Human Services. A student who fails to present the required evidence shall not be accepted for enrollment, unless the school has a medical exemption signed by a licensed physician (M.D. or D.O.) authorized to practice in the States of Texas For more information concerning medical exemptions, please contact the school nurse. No conscious exemptions will be accepted. 

Medical Examination

The school requires an updated physical form and immunization record yearly for all preschool students and all new elementary students. Returning elementary students (Pre K-5th) will only be required to submit an updated immunization form for any NEW vaccines given. All students must turn in an updated Health Assessment yearly. These forms must be on file before the first day of school. For all new students, the exam must have been conducted in the 12 months prior to the opening of school and must include a current immunization record.

Southminster Severe Allergy Policy (EpiPens) 

  • Accepting 3 and 4-year-olds with EpiPens
  • Accepting 18 month and 2-year-olds with EpiPens  on a case by case basis
  • Extended Care is not available for 3-year-olds and younger with EpiPens


Health Assessment Form 2018-2019

Physician's Statement

Food Allergy Emergency Plan

Medication Consent Form

  • Clinic Guidelines

    Students will be sent to the clinic in case of illness or accident. The parent or guardian will be notified by the school nurse if the student is unable to remain in school. It will be the parent’s responsibility to get medical attention unless an emergency is so great that the student must be taken immediately from school to a doctor. In case of such emergency, the parent will be notified. School personnel will administer care to cuts, scratches, and minor accidents. For the protection of all, students will not be able to remain in school and parents will be notified if the student complains of:

    • Complaint of fever/vomiting/diarrhea the night before
    • Fever of 100◦ or more
    • Suspected contagious disease
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Feeling too ill to remain in school

    Students should be kept at home if they show ANY indication of the above-mentioned symptoms of illness. Students who are ill will be sent home. Students may return when they have been symptom-free WITHOUT the use of medications for 24 hours. If a student is unable to return to school by 10:00 am, the student MUST remain home until the following day. If a child returns to school before the allotted time or with continual symptoms parents will be called and required to pick the child up from school.

    First aid supplies are kept on hand for minor injuries only. All parents MUST complete a Clinic Emergency  Card for each student. This card must be signed and returned to the clinic by the end of the first week of school.

    Please notify the school nurse if your child has any contagious infection or illness so exposure notices may be sent to the parents/guardians of other students in your child’s class. Students with contagious illnesses or infections MUST get permission from the doctor before returning to school. If a student is hospitalized for any reason, there must be a doctor’s release before returning to school. These rules are for the protection of all Southminster students.

  • Medications

    Any child that requires an Epi Pen for an allergy we request you also get an order for an antihistamine to be given first or along with if needed.

    Please remember to have both your long term medication form and food allergy emergency plan signed by your doctor and parent for EpiPens and any Antihistamines (Benadryl, Zyrtec, etc.) that will be kept in the clinic. Please also remember to bring 2 Epi Pens (in the box with the pharmacy label attached) and 1 container of Antihistamine to the clinic THE WEEK BEFORE school starts.  You must have a Medication Consent Form for each medication. Please check the expiration date on all medication. We cannot accept any expired medication. You can bring in the generic brand of antihistamine.

    Any student who must take medicine during school hours MUST comply with the following procedures:

    • All medicine must be furnished by the parent. 
    • All medicine must be locked in the clinic cabinet. 
    • All medicine, prescription and non-prescription, to be administered at school for up to 10 days, MUST be accompanied by a  medication consent  form signed and dated by the parent. For any medication that will be kept in the clinic for the duration of the school year – Epi Pens and inhalers, a medication consent form signed and dated by the parent and doctor is required. 
    • All prescription medication MUST be in the original pharmacy container and labeled by the pharmacist. The label MUST include:             

                          1.  Student name

                          2. Physician’s name

                          3. Name of the medication

                          4. Amount of medication to be given

                              and the frequency of administration

                          5. Date the prescription was filled

                          6. Expiration date of the medication

    There shall be no more than one (1) medication per properly labeled container. If injectable medication is provided for any acute reaction, such as is given for asthma, insect bites or stings, hemophilia, etc., a physician’s written authorization and parents signature (medication consent form), IS REQUIRED. 

    Medication Consent Form

  • Vision and Hearing Screening

    Each year students in Preschool 4-yr-olds, Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, 3rd grade, 5th grade, and ALL new students to the school are required by state law to have vision and hearing, height and weight screening. Screening may be done by your doctor or at school. If your doctor completes the screening, results must be sent to the school nurse.  Parents will receive prior notice of school screenings and will be notified of any apparent deficiencies. The school nurse will administer the vision and hearing tests to students for a minimal fee.