Are you ready for a spectacular summer? Southminster is offering an 8 week summer camp filled with adventure, God’s love and lifetime friendships. Whether your camper comes for 1 week or all 8 week, Southminster summer camp will be a memorable experience.

Our theme for the 2021 summer camp is Board Games! We will be learning about a board game every week that goes along with a story in the Bible.

Week 1 - Battleship – God teaching us to build each other up not destroy.

Week 2 - Connect Four - Connect yourself and others to God

Week 3 - Sorry - God teaches us to apologize.

Week 4 - Chutes and ladders - Life has ups and downs but God is always with us.

Week 5 - Hungry Hungry Hippos - God teaches us not to be greedy. 

Week 6 - Trouble - the story of Moses. We can pray when we are in trouble.

Week 7 - Jenga - Don’t carry your burdens alone.

Week 8 - Candy land - Solomon teaches against pursing fun and pleasure all the time.


Along with building friendships and learning about Gods love, our camp will have special events each day.

Monday - Chapel

Tuesday- Life-size Board Game of the week

Wednesday- Movie day and popcorn

Thursday- Team building

Friday- Splash day


Southminster summer camp is open to children ages 3-12, and runs from 9AM-2PM with extended care available 2PM-5PM.

Registration $100 per family

Weekly tuition is $160 per camper

Extended care is $45 a week per camper

Space is limited! If you have any questions or would like to register please contact Carly Hawkins at