New Students

Student Application

We are excited to announce that our registration process is now online! To submit an application, please start HERE. A link to register will be available here when the window opens. In order for the application to be complete parents must also submit copies of the original birth certificate, Social Security card, updated immunization record (no Conscious Exemptions will be accepted), Physician's Statement, and Health Assessment Form.

Registration Fees

Preschool (18 months to 4-year-olds) Registration Fee- $150

PreK (4-year-olds) - 2nd Grade Registration & CPAA Testing Fee- $250

3rd-5th Grade Registration and In-House Testing Fee- $250

Transcripts (Required for Grades 1-5)

Copies of the student’s previous year’s report card, school transcripts, and most recent standardized testing must be submitted.

Teacher Recommendation Form (Required for Grades 1-5)

Applicants current teacher must fill out the Teacher Recommendation Form.

Placement Test (New Students Only)

Pre-K (4-year-olds)-2nd Grade:  Applicants will be tested by the Children's Progress Academic Assessment (CPAA), an online test. Testing will be by appointment after formal application has been submitted. 

3rd through 5th Grade: Applicants will be tested using the previous grade's end of year math assessment and a Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA).  

Admission Forms

Elementary Admissions Brochure

Preschool Admissions Brochure

Required Forms

Required Health Forms

Other Forms and Information


Conscious Exemptions are not accepted