Christian Education

Children at Southminster School learn about the world God created and how God provides for them through His creation. They participate in chapel services where Bible stories teach about God and Jesus. They worship God together with their classmates, expressing thanks for God’s love and care. Children take comfort in learning that they can talk to God whenever they want and wherever they are. They are encouraged to use their God-given talents and gifts to the best of their ability.

PreK , Bridge, Kindergarten and First grade students learn that the church building is a special place to go and talk to God and learn about His word. In classroom lessons they hear Bible stories and participate in fingerplays and songs which help teach scripture and Biblical truths. They talk about being kind, helpful, and cooperative at school and at home as an expression of their love of God. 

Beginning with the Bridge class, students memorize weekly Bible verses and retell Bible stories. They discover how Biblical people served God and how they can serve Him today. They begin to understand how God and Jesus influence their lives and decisions.


Our Spelling curriculum is Purposeful Design Spelling published by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). This curriculum provides lessons that address various spelling rules within a Christian theme.


Our vocabulary curriculum is Wordly Wise 3000. Students are exposed to new words every week and engage in thorough instruction of word use, context, and reading activities within each lesson.

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